Open Positions

HOK Lab, headed by Dr. Hasan Onur Keles, in the department of Biomedical Engineering at Ankara University is seeking a highly motivated, self-driven, passionate individuals to join us with all levels of education, from high school to post-graduate.

Graduate Students: Please contact Dr. Hasan Onur Keles if you are interested in M.Sc. or PhD studies at Ankara University. Online application and instructions can be found at this link Please contact Dr. Keles at with a CV if you are interested in working at HOK Lab. Computational skills are required.

Postdoctoral Positions: Please contact Dr. Keles ( for Postdoctoral Positions. Computational skills are required.

Undergraduate and junior researchers: Please contact Dr. Keles if you would like to work in HOK Lab as a part-time or full-time researcher.


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